Mattoni Freerun - Run & Plog

2.8 - 31.10. 2021 #mattonifreerun

Event Overview

5 km - 10km - 21km - 42km

5 000 and 10 000 steps challenge

Pick your favourite distance or challenge and run & plog to support our planet!

1 country, 14 regions, 93 Mattoni FreeRun courses, 55 coaches, thousands of runners and non runners working together to make the world a better place, starting from our country, the Czech Republic. Which one will be the "greenest" and the "fittest" region?


Marathon - None


Here's a great way to run a marathon, starting or finishing on your closest Mattoni FreeRun certified course, and inspire the local community.

Half Marathon - None

Half Marathon

Use a Mattoni FreeRun course to run a half marathon in one or more days. And don't forget to pick up as many waste as possible along the way!

10 km - None

10 km

If you prefer shorter distances, this challenge is perfect for you! Just remember to start or finish on a Mattoni FreeRun course and to collect as much waste you can.

5 km - None

5 km

Get moving while helping the nature along the way. Everyone must start from somewhere.




5 000 steps - None

5 000 steps

5 000 steps daily are reccomended for less active people to stay healthy. A 5km long Mattoni FreeRun course is the perfect start. Can you keep it up for a week?

10 000 steps - None

10 000 steps

For an average active person 10 000 steps daily are the reccommendation in order to stay fit. Can you keep it up for a week?


What's Included

  • Race entry and access pass to the Festival Zone 
  • 93 courses of 5km at disposal and certified by the Czech Athletic Federation
  • 55 coaches at disposal to run together
  • Digital finisher medal - one for each event
  • Customizable race bibs
  • Downloadable finisher certificates
  • Shareable finisher photo overlays
  • Unique training videos from Realbuzz
  • Mattoni eshop exclusive discount
  • Exclusive discounts on e-shop -20%
  • 15% discount of any realbuzz Running Adventures virtual event (details below)
  • The official Spotify playlist of the event
Plogging - image


Plogging is a simple activity combining running and garbage collection. It combines activity which is beneficial to our body and mind with higher mission and care for our planet. People run and collect waste, which can be found in a huge amount not only around cross-country trails. People add a new dimension to traditional training and return waste to the place where it belongs - to recycling containers.

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Coaches and Courses

Running alone is cool but running with bunch of great people is even better. Mattoni FreeRun coaches are well-experienced runners, who are very passionate and they are ready to help and motivate you finish your challenge. All coaches are presented in the festival zone and you can choose to join the one you prefer the most. 

On top, there are over 90 5km Mattoni FreeRun courses all around the country. Choose your favorite one to start or finish your challenge and help your region to be among the greenest ones in the Czech Republic.

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People Plogging
Spotify Playlist


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realbuzz Running Adventures

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